In order to support you in all phases of your project, we provide you subsequently with our knowledge in the form of application notes and white papers for download. Simple, convenient and without registration.



Arria 10 Demo Design and Bitstream

This application note explains the features of the Arria 10 demo design for the DreamChip evaluation board

Basic Design principles with the Smartlogic PCIe DMA IP Cores

This application note describes the basic principles for continuous DMA data transfer

AXI2Avalon Protocol Conversion

This application note describes how to easily convert AXI interfaces to Avalon interfaces

Completion Sorting

This whitepaper describes the protocol rules regarding completions returning on read requests and what needs to be considered

Realizing Ethernet Links

This application note shows how to build Ethernet links using our High Channel Count DMA IP core and gives valuable information on configuring the PHY

Guidelines for Timing Closure

This application note describes what to look for to get into timing for Gen3-X8 links in the FPGA

Intel IP Catalog Flow

This application note describes how to properly configure the PCIe HardIPs of the Intel FPGAs to match the multi-channel DMA IP Cores

User Mode Software Library

In this application note you will learn which functions are included in the User Mode Library and how to communicate with the DMA IP cores from a high level

DMA Data Transmission over PCI-Express

This whitepaper shows the essential features of Direct Memory Access (DMA) under PCI Express and gives valuable hints using a frame grabber as an example


This whitepaper describes what you need to know about the hotplug topic

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