Licensing – FAQs

Here we answer many typical questions, regarding our products and licensing.

What is the licensing procedure ? Is there a license agreement ?

The basis for licensing is a license agreement based on the SignOnce IP Licensing agreement, which regulates the exact use of the IP core. SignOnce means a standard license agreement used by many IP manufacturers like e.g. AMD, which simplifies the review process.

Is it possible to get a sample of the license agreement ?

Yes, it is possible to get a sample of the license agreement as a PDF file for preview.

What about the license fee ? Is there a license fee for each product sold ?

The license fee is charged once when the IP core is purchased. Additional payments (royalties) are not charged.

In which form can the IP be licensed ?

The IP can be licensed either as encrypted or as source code. Encrypted licenses can also be limited to certain device families in order to be able to offer more favorable product variants by limiting the range of functions. The synthesis quality is the same for both forms (source or encrypted).

How often can I use the IP license ?

The full versions you have purchased can be used for an unlimited number of projects. This is also called a multi-project license.

What about support and maintenance ?

Each new license automatically includes the first 6 months of support and maintenance. After that you can freely decide if you want to extend the support and maintenance period by one year each. This is our recommendation. However, once you have opted out of support/maintenance, you can only re-enter by being charged for the time without support/maintenance with an additional expense fee. Customers on valid maintenance will automatically receive updates of new versions of the core.

Support is given by email. You describe your problem and we answer your questions.

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